Management team

Mr. Tomi Numminen, CEO

Mr. Numminen has more than two decades of international healthcare experience including management, corporate development, strategy, commercialization and sales operations. He has also experience from working in the board of directors in several healthcare companies.

Mr. Pertti Törmälä, Scientific and Technology Advisor

Mr. Törmälä, Ph.D. in Polymer Science, M.D. Sci.h.c. and B.S. in Medicine, on his name over 40 US and Euro patents have been granted. In 1986 Professor Törmälä was elected to an Academy Professor Chair by the Finnish Academy. He is an author or co-author of several hundred peer review articles, many on resorbable polymers.

Mrs. Minna Ahlstedt-Soini, Production Director

Mrs. Ahlstedt-Soini, M. Eng. in Strategic Leadership of Technology-based Business, B. Eng. in Industrial Management and Engineering and in Biotechnology, has over 12 years of experience in production and quality.


Ms. Minna Veiranto, R&D and Quality Director


Mr. Pertti Viitanen, VP, Business Development


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