CiproScrew™ product range and instruments


B-BS-2020      CiproScrew™ 2.0 x 20 mm

B-BS-2712      CiproScrew™ 2.7 x 12 mm

B-BS-2714      CiproScrew™ 2.7 x 14 mm

B-BS-2716      CiproScrew™ 2.7 x 16 mm

B-BS-2718      CiproScrew™ 2.7 x 18 mm

B-BS-2720      CiproScrew™ 2.7 x 20 mm

B-BS-2724      CiproScrew™ 2.7 x 24 mm

B-BS-3516      CiproScrew™ 3.5 x 16 mm

B-BS-3520      CiproScrew™ 3.5 x 20 mm

B-BS-3524      CiproScrew™ 3.5 x 24 mm

B-BS-3528      CiproScrew™ 3.5 x 28 mm

B-BS-3532      CiproScrew™ 3.5 x 32 mm

B-BS-3536      CiproScrew™ 3.5 x 36 mm

B-BS-3540      CiproScrew™ 3.5 x 40 mm

B-BS-4535      CiproScrew™ 4.5 x 35 mm

B-BS-4540      CiproScrew™ 4.5 x 40 mm

B-BS-4545      CiproScrew™ 4.5 x 45 mm

B-BS-4550      CiproScrew™ 4.5 x 50 mm

B-BS-4555      CiproScrew™ 4.5 x 55 mm

B-BS-4560      CiproScrew™ 4.5 x 60 mm

B-BS-4570      CiproScrew™ 4.5 x 70 mm


B-BL-3520      CiproScrew™ LAG 3.5 x 20 mm, thread 8 mm

B-BL-3524      CiproScrew™ LAG 3.5 x 24 mm, thread 10 mm

B-BL-3530      CiproScrew™ LAG 3.5 x 30 mm, thread 14 mm

B-BL-3535      CiproScrew™ LAG 3.5 x 35 mm, thread 14 mm

B-BL-3540      CiproScrew™ LAG 3.5 x 40 mm, thread 14 mm

B-BL-3545      CiproScrew™ LAG 3.5 x 45 mm, thread 15 mm

B-BL-4535      CiproScrew™ LAG 4.5 x 35 mm, thread 18 mm

B-BL-4540      CiproScrew™ LAG 4.5 x 40 mm, thread 20 mm

B-BL-4545      CiproScrew™ LAG 4.5 x 45 mm, thread 22 mm

B-BL-4550      CiproScrew™ LAG 4.5 x 50 mm, thread 24 mm

B-BL-4560      CiproScrew™ LAG 4.5 x 60 mm, thread 28 mm

B-BL-4570      CiproScrew™ LAG 4.5 x 70 mm, thread 32 mm

Instruments and accessories    

B-ISS-1000        ActivaScrew™ Instrument Set


B-IS-2000          Drill bit Ø1.5 mm, for 2.0 mm screws, quick coupling

B-IS-2700          Drill bit Ø2.0 mm, for 2.7 mm screws, quick coupling

B-IS-3500          Drill bit Ø2.5mm, for 3.5 mm screws, quick coupling

B-IS-4500          Drill bit Ø3.2 mm, for  4.5 mm screws up to length 90 mm, quick coupling

B-IS-4510          Drill bit Ø3.2 mm, for 4.5 mm screws up to length 70 mm and for 3.2 mm pins/nails, quick coupling

B-IS-2001          Tap Ø2.0 mm, for 2.0 mm screws

B-IS-2701          Tap Ø2.7 mm, for 2.7 mm screws

B-IS-3501          Tap Ø3.5 mm, for 3.5 mm screws

B-IS-4501          Tap Ø4.5 mm, for 4.5 mm screws up to length 90 mm

B-IS-4511          Tap Ø4.5 mm, for 4.5 mm screws up to length 45 mm

B-IS-2005          Double drill sleeve Ø1.5/2.0 mm,  for 2.0mm screws

B-IS-2705          Double drill sleeve Ø2.0/2.7 mm,  for 2.7mm screws

B-IS-3505          Double drill sleeve Ø2.5/3.5 mm,  for 3.5mm screws

B-IS-4505          Double drill sleeve Ø3.2/4.5 mm,  for 4.5mm screws

B-IS-2004          Countersink, for 2.0 mm screws

B-IS-3504          Countersink, for 2.7/3.5 mm screws

B-IS-4504          Countersink, for 4.5mm screws

B-IS-9020          Depth gauge, for 2.0/2.7/3.5 mm screws

B-IS-9021          Depth gauge, for 4.5 mm screws

B-IS-9032          HEX shaft (2.5mm) with quick coupling for 2.0/2.7/3.5mm screws

B-IS-9033          HEX shaft, for 4.5mm screws

B-IS-3503          Holding sleeve, for 2.0/2.7/3.5mm screws

B-IS-4503          Holding sleeve, for 4.5mm screws

B-ISC-9013       Large handle, cannulated, quick coupling

B-IS-9012          Small handle, quick coupling

B-IS-9010          T-handle, quick coupling

B-IS-9000          Sterilization tray, for ActivaScrew™ instruments

Sterile accessories for single use only

B-HTC-1000     High Temperature Cautery (10 pcs)