ActivaScrew™ family offers a broad range of fully threaded and partially threaded screws for fixation of fractures and osteotomies.
Due to Auto-Compression™ technology screws can maintain compression for at least eight weeks thus reducing the risk of unstable fixation and allowing the bone to heal. 



Auto-compression™ technology

Special characteristics of the Bioretec screw is auto-compression, lengthwise contraction of the screw by 1-2%, and related expansion in the diameter of the screw. This memory effect, based on mechanical activity, both creates compression on the fracture line and prevents the screw from loosening as metal screws commonly do. The fixation achieved with the ActivaScrew™ improves by itself over a first postoperative weeks. Bioretec’s LAG ActivaScrew™ is the only bioabsorbable screw offering controlled long-term compression on the healing fracture.

The ActivaScrew™ is durable and conforms to the bone’s own mechanical motion. The mechanical properties of the screw are fitted to those of the bone, so that together they can create an optimal healing environment and a situation in which the strain is gradually taken over by the bone from the implant as the fracture heals and the strength of the implant decreases. The screw can be used similarly to a metal screw, but in addition it offers a number of solutions and benefits that metal screws and other bioabsorbable implants cannot provide. For example, it is possible and very easy in surgery to cut the screw or modify its head during the operation if necessary. This kind of intraoperative tailoring is impossible with metal screws and more limited in other bioabsorbable products.

Compatible with AO standards

Bioretec’s threaded and LAG screws are compatible with AO standards, which surgeons are accustomed to using when working on small bones. ActivaScrew™ types include fully threaded screws, LAG screws and cannulated screws. There is a wide variety of sizes, so they are suitable for diverse indications around the body.

The fully threaded and LAG ActivaScrews™ are compatible with AO instrumentation, so no extra implantation instruments are needed.

ActivaScrew™ is FDA cleared and CE approved.

Benefits of using ActivaScrew™ in fixation of tibio-fibular syndesmosis:

  • Ideal temporary support for healing syndesmosis.

  • No risk of screw breakage before removal due to biodegradation of the screw (no removal needed).

  • One product size for all the patients.

  • Screw can be cut in length after implantation.

  • Cutting preferably with a hot cautery loop but e.g. oscillating saw can be used as well.

  • Minimal head protrusion on the fibula.

  • Can be used with conventional metal plates.

  • ActivaScrew™ 4.5 x 70 mm covers normally all the patiens.

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Surgical Indications for ActivaScrew™

Lower extremities

  • Ankle fractures
  • Talar fractures
  • Calcaneal fractures
  • Hallux valgus surgery (Proximal osteotomy or TMT-I arthrodesis)
  • Talocrural arthrodeses
  • Subtalar arthrodeses

Upper extremities

  • Distal clavicular fracture
  • Glenoid rim fractures
  • Proximal humeral neck fractures
  • Epiphyseolytic fractures in upper limb in children
  • Lateral humeral condyle fractures
  • Medial humeral condyle or epicondyle fractures
  • Olecranon fractrures
  • Distal radial fractures
  • Hand fractures
  • Scaphoideus