Bioretec’s roots go back to the 1970's, when Professor Pertti Törmälä started research at the Tampere University of Technology, which resulted in the world's first bioabsorbable implants to be used in orthopedic surgery. In 1985, he established Bioscience Ltd. to manufacture and commercialize bioabsorbable orthopedic medical devices. This lead to Bionx Implants Inc. that was successfully listed in NASDAQ New York in 1997. Bionx Implants Inc. was acquired by Conmed in 2003.

The spin-off company, BCI Bioabsorbable Concepts Oy was formed in 1998, and its name was changed to Bioretec Ltd. in 2003.

Bioretec today

Bioretec Ltd. is a Finnish material technology company focused on the development, manufacturing and marketing of bioabsorbable and bioactive surgical implants for orthopedic, trauma and sport medicine surgeries.

Bioretec has very impressive team of professionals and expert advisors with combined 120 years of professional experience on core competencies. Long standing experience and knowhow covers understanding of materials, product development and production processes.


Bioretec’s mission is to develop and bring into clinical use innovative bioabsorbable products and surgical solutions which improve patient outcome, user friendliness and cost-efficiency in clinical care.


Bioretec’s vision is to be the leader in the field of bioabsorbable implants and continuously improve both technological and financial performance.