22 Sep

Use of bioresorbable implants in pediatric traumatology by Prof. Lascombes, M.D., Ph.D

Event starts: 2020-09-22

Recording of this event available!

In this pediatric traumatology Specialist Webinar recording, Prof. Lascombes presents his operational techniques with bioabsorbables for fractures caused by gymnastics fall, falling from a tree, wakeboard accident, trampoline injuries and more. Focus is in the upper and lower extremity trauma.

Cases presented and techniques explained include:

  • Medial epicondyle fracture in the humerus, elbow
  • Olecranon fracture with Monteggia lesion in the elbow
  • Distal tibia with Tillaux fracture in the ankle
  • Medial malleolus fracture treatment in the ankle
  • Bimalleolar McFarland fracture and ankle dislocation
  • Articular fracture in the proximal 1st metatarsal bone in the forefoot
  • Lateral Condyle fracture in the elbow
  • Including thoughts on indications such as DDH, LPC, Distal radius fractures, why to use bioabsorbables, strengths of the implants and more

This LIVE event was recorded on the 22nd of September, 2020.


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