A new clinical trial has started for groundbreaking treatment of children's wrist fractures with a bioabsorbable intramedullary nail

Bioretec Ltd. collaborates with a multicenter study group in an investigator-initiated clinical study to treat pediatric distal radius fractures with the world's first bioabsorbable intramedullary nail, Activa IM-Nail™ (Bioretec Ltd.). The study will compare the bioabsorbable intramedullary nail's clinical performance with the conventional fixation method.

"The study presents a new groundbreaking surgical technique for one of the most common pediatric fractures. With the new surgical technique, we can remove many disadvantages of the current treatment methods. The benefits of this innovation to the patient and economically to society are substantial", states Mr. Kimmo Lähteenkorva, Chief Technology Officer at Bioretec Ltd.

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In English - Press release: Distal radius study with Activa IM-Nail™

Suomeksi - Tiedote: Bioretec kliininen tutkimus Activa IM-Nail™:lla

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