Bioretec announces the appointment of Christopher Stahle as R&D Fellow

Bioretec is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Christopher Stahle as our R&D Fellow from the 23rd of November, 2020. Christopher enhances Bioretec´s biocompatibility knowledge, material expertise and new implant development. Christopher consolidates our strong R&D team´s expertise with the latest biotechnologies. He relocates to the Tampere Finland Headquarters from Tampa, FL, U.S.

Christopher has a successful history within Conmed, where he played a significant role in Biomaterial and Biocompatibility evaluations. CTO Mr. Kimmo Lähteenkorva, head of Bioretec´s R&D said: “We are delighted to appoint Christopher to this position! His experience across biomaterial research, implant development and biological risk assessments has already had a major positive effect, and we are more than excited to have him on board.  His proven ability at identifying opportunities combined with his material knowledge will help build on Bioretec´s latest developments: RemeOs™, resorbable metal, and the related portfolio for high load-bearing applications.”

About Us

Bioretec Ltd. is a medical device company focusing on the development of strong, safe and reliable bioabsorbable and bioresorbable implants for pediatric and adult orthopaedics. Our products are used worldwide, and we continue further to develop materials and products for high load-bearing clinical applications.

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