New white paper - Activa IM-Nail™ user experience

"We have used this CE marked biodegradable intramedullary nail with 22 children in our clinic. Activa IM-Nail™ is a new surgical method of treating displaced pediatric diaphyseal forearm fractures. The following summarizes our surgical experience so far. Our initial experience with Activa IM-Nail™ is excellent. So far, parents have always preferred the surgical technique with an absorbable implant, even though it is a new method. We hope that in the future, we will be able to report further positive experiences."

The whitepaper by Marcell Varga M.D., PhD. and Tamás Kassai M.D. from Péterfy Hospital, National Trauma Center, Department of Pediatric Trauma Surgery, Budapest, Hungary.

Surgical treatment of 22 pediatric forearm fractures with biodegradable Activa IM-Nail™ - a personal surgical experience


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