New white paper - Comminuted talar fracture reconstruction with multiple bioabsorbable ActivaNails™

Mr. Harb presents an excellent technique with bioabsorbable ActivaNails™  for comminuted talar fractures. He is a consultant trauma & orthopaedic surgeon, specialist in foot & ankle, sports, and complex trauma & limb reconstruction from London, UK. He uses ActivaNail™ as it allows the surgeon to reconstruct even as difficult case as seen in the white paper.

Mr. Harb will also speak about his technique and the topic in a Specialist Webinar on the 23rd of February, 12:00 CET. You can register to the Specialist webinar from the link soon arriving to the EVENT page

White Paper: Comminuted talar fracture reconstruction with multiple bioabsorbable ActivaNails™   ActivaNail™

The white paper case presents a 17-year old, fit and healthy female admitted to her local hospital after falling from a horse. She sustained closed, comminuted right talar body and distal fibula fractures. Once deemed stable, she was referred to Mr. Ziad´s department, a regional tertiary complex trauma and limb reconstruction unit. Careful assessment of the fracture fragments and comminution was required in order to reduce and reconstruct the talus, paying close attention to the tibiotalar and subtalar joint surfaces.

The reduction was held using temporary K-wire fixation, then a combination of Bioretec´s 1.5 mm and 2 mm ActivaNails™ were inserted. Post-operatively, serial radiographs demonstrated a satisfactory position and progression towards union. Note the intact congruity of the talar head and maintained joint space at just over one-year follow-up. At one year, the patient had returned to full activities, including horse-riding, and demonstrated an excellent pain-free ankle and subtalar range of motion.




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