Pediatric case series with bioabsorbable screws continues

Professor Pierre Lascombes pediatric case series continues with a twelve-year-old girl's right ankle trauma treatment with bioabsorbable ActivaScrew™. The implant creates additional fracture line compression with the patented Auto-Compression™ technology. In addition, postoperative implant removal was avoided and sports activities were allowed after three months. At six months follow-up, the ankle range of motion was equivalent to the opposite left side, and X-rays showed perfect bone union and normal distal tibia and fibula growth.

Read the case and explore our educational materials:

Medial malleolus fracture of a 12-year old girl with one ActivaScrew™ LAG bioabsorbable screw

Prof. Pierre Lascombes is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. His also the Honorary Professor of the Faculty of Medicine in Nancy, France. The Former Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of Geneva, Switzerland and the Past President of the European Pediatric Orthopedic Society (EPOS).


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