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ActivaScrew™ Interference TCP animation

Bioretec Ltd.

The thread profile of the ActivaScrew™ Interference TCP is round to preserve graft violation during the insertion but high enough to give proper pull-out strength. The design provides homogenous contact pressure against soft tissue graft without harming it. ActivaScrew™ Interference TCP biocomposite screw is made of bioabsorbable self-reinforced poly(L-lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA) mixed with β-tricalcium phosphate (TCP). The β-tricalcium phosphate is known to be an osteoconductive ceramic and has excellent biocompatibility with natural bone components. Our technology results osteoconductive TCP particles exposed on the screw surface that allows immediate initiation of the bone growth effect.

Patented Self-Locking SL™ technology provides implant diameter expansion of 1-2 % in human conditions. With grafts, this gives extra security for the surgeon as screw pushes graft tighter to the drill canal during the postoperative period for at least 8 weeks.

The size range starts from the small but extremely strong Ø 4 mm x 10mm, the largest being 11 mm in diameter.

For fixation of tissue, including ligament or tendon grafts in knee, shoulders, elbow, ankle, foot, hand and wrist.

Distal radius fracture fixation technique with ActivaPin™ by Dr. Varga and Dr. Kassai

Bioretec Ltd., Dr. Marcell Varga and Dr. Tamás Kassai

Distal radius fractures are common injuries in the pediatric population. This technique presents a fixation with only one ActivaPin™. This technique with ActivaPin™ is continually and successfully used with excellent end-results in the Peterfy Hospital National Trauma Center of Budapest by Dr. Marcell Varga and Dr. Tamás Kassai.

ActivaScrew Cannulated MTP-1 Joint Arthrodesis

Two ActivaScrew™ Cannulated screws fix the metatarsophalangeal joint fusion firmly. With the implant´s extra compression development, Auto-Compression™, the fusion can heal perfectly. ActivaScrew™ Cannulated´s head can be anatomically formed flush with the cortex. Thus no protruding parts will remain outside the cortex. Patient escapes the painful implant rubbing with the shoe and avoids removal operation.

ActivaPin™ Chevron Technique

This Chevron technique allows the patient to have only one implants, ActivaPin™, which will be replaced by bone. The technique follows the path of simple and easy techniques and is cost-efficient as one strong implant can replace plates and screws. As the ActivaPin™ is inside bone, skin irritation is avoided.

Malleolar and Syndesmosis Fracture Fixation with ActivaScrew™ Cannulated

ActivaScrew™ Cannulated is excellent for malleolar and syndesmosis fractures. These implants are inserted flush with the cortex. Thus there is no skin irritation and happier patients. In syndesmosis fixation, ActivaScrew™ Cannulated allows the micro-movement, without the fear of difficult screw removal operation. As the product is fully inside the bone, skin irritation, or shoe rubbing will not hurt the patient.

5th Metacarpal fracture fixation using ActivaPin™

ActivaPin™ can fixes metacarpal fractures, with fast 5-8 minute operation. With this technique, you can avoid problems such as pin infection, damage to adjacent soft tissue, and unattractive dorsal scarring. Patients benefit from early exercise without removal operation.

Diaphyseal forearm fracture fixation using Activa IM-Nail™

Activa IM-Nail™ is the first fully bioabsorbable intramedullary nail. It enables fast patient recovery without implant removal operation. The x-ray marker tip makes positioning the implant easy for the surgeon. Activa IM-Nail™ is indicated for pediatric diaphyseal forearm fractures. In this indication, when using traditional implants, removal operation is usually necessary because the implant can interfere with normal bone growth.


ActivaPin™ Hammertoe Technique

Hammertoe can be fixed with one ActivaPin™ to an anatomical position, possible only with the properties of ActivaPin™. Achieve the optimal individual angle of the phalanx, from 0 to 90 degrees. Adjust the length of the implant to your preference and utilize the extra grip from the diameter expansion in human conditions by 1-2 %.

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