Absorbable Fixation in Forefoot Surgery A Viable Alternative to Metallic Hardware

D. L. Nielson, N. J. Young and C. M. Zelen

Clinics in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, Volume 30, Issue 3, July 2013, Pages 283-293


  • Absorbable fixation has progressed to become a reliable, cost-effective alternative tometallic hardware.
  • Newer absorbable devices have been formulated to provide adequate strength for healingand a smooth degradation to limit the local inflammation typically associated with first-generation devices.
  • Historically, fixation with absorbable devices can be time-consuming due to a more diffi-cult insertion; however, new innovative technologies to aid in the insertion of these devicesare now becoming more common in the orthopedic realm.
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Operative Technique Features in Application Of Bioabsorbable Implants for Limb Fractures Treatment

V.G. Golubev, A.N. Starrostenkov

Surgeon Practice, No 2 / 2017; 617-089.844; 617.57; 617.58 Study translation from Russia to English.

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A New Mini-Invasive Technique in Treating Pediatric Diaphyseal Forearm Fractures by Bioabsorbable Elastic Stable Intramedullary Nailing: A Preliminary Technical Report

J.-J. Sinikumpu, J. Keränen, A.-M. Haltia, W. Serlo, J. Merikanto

Scandinavian Journal of Surgery, Vol 102, Issue 4, 2013

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Latarjet-Bristow Procedure Performed With Bioabsorbable Screws - Computed Tomography Evidence of Healing

Allan Andrew Young, MD, MBBS, MSpMed, PhD, FRACS (Orth), Roberto Maia, MD, Claudio Moraga, MD, Vaqar Latif, MD, Jean-Pierre Liotard, MD, and Gilles Walch, MD

Techniques in Shoulder & Elbow Surgery, vol 11, 3, Sep. 2010

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Innominate Salter osteotomy using resorbable screws: a retrospective case series and presentation of a new concept for fixation

H. Hedelin, P. Larnert, H. Hebelka, H. Brisby, K. Lagerstrand, T. Laine.

Journal of Children's Orthopaedics Vol. 13, No. 3., 2019

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Biodegradable poly-L-lactide-co-glycolide copolymer pin fixation of a traumatic patellar osteochondral fragment in a 11-year-old child: A novel surgical approach

J.-J. Sinikumpu and W. Serlo

Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine 13: 242-246, 2017

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Correct techniques for the use of bioabsorbable implants in orthopaedic trauma

Zamora, R., Jackson, A. and Seligson D.

Current Orthopaedic Practice, vol 27, 4, July/Aug 2016

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Minimally invasive surgery for young female patients with mild-to -moderate juvenile hallux valgus deformity

J. Y. Choi, H. C. Ahn, S. H. Kim, S. Y. Lee and J. S. Suh

Foot and Ankle Surgery 25 (2019) 316–322

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Our First Experience of Using Biodegradable Implants in Latarjet – Bristow Surgical Procedure at Chronic Posttraumatic Anterior Shoulder Instability

V.V. Monastryev, M.E. Puseva and N.S. Ponomarenko

Acta Biomedica Scientifica, 2018, Vol. 3, N 6

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Clinical Study on Percutaneous Intramedullary Bioresorbable Pin Fixation for Fourth and Fifth Metacarpal Bone Fracture

S.H. Lee, S.H. Kim, E.S. Parl, S.M. Nam and H.S. Shin

Journal of the Korean Society for Surgery of the Hand, 2017;22(2):105-111

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Bony Fragment Excision Followed by Multiple Drilling and Fragment Fixation Using Bio-absorbable Pins for Bilateral Osteochondral Fracture of the Lateral Talar Dome: A Case Report

Y.J. Lee, J.S. Suh and J.Y. Choi

Journla of Korean Foot and Ankle Society, 2019 Dec; 23(4):201-207

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Patellar chondral defect treatment with a cell-free polyglycolic acid–hyaluronan-based implant and platelet-rich fibrin glue after previously failed microfracture

I. D. McDermott

SAGE Open Medical Case Reports, Volume 7: 1-4, 2019

Use of Bioretec ActivaNail™ with resorbable PGA–hyaluronan-based implant and platelet-rich autologous fibrin glue.

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Bioabsorbable Implants in Treatment of Ankle Fractures (Comparative Study)

V.G. Golubev, K.B. Zelenyak and A.N. Starostenkov
Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics, 2018 2(32), pp.66-73. In Russian.
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MRI evaluation of resorbable poly lactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA) screws used in pelvic osteotomies in children - a retrospective case series

H. Hedelin, H. Hebelka, H. Brisby & T. Laine

Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research, 15, Article number: 329 (2020)


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A lean magnesium–zinc–calcium alloy ZX00 used for bone fracture stabilization in a large growing-animal model

Holweg, P., Berger, L., Cihova, M., Donohue, N., Clement, B., Schwarze, U., Sommer, N.G., Hohenberger, G., van den Beucken, J.J.J.P., Seibert, F., Leithner, A., Löffler, J.F., Weinberg, A.-M.

Acta Biomaterialia, Volume 113, 1 September 2020, Pages 646-659

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Assessing the degradation performance of ultrahigh-purity magnesium in vitro and in vivo

Hofstetter, J., Martinelli, E., Weinberg, A.-M., Becker, M. Mingler, B., Uggowitzer, P.J. and Loffler, J.F.

Corrosion Science, 2015, 91, pp.29-36.

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High-Strength Low-Alloy (HSLA) Mg-Zn-Ca Alloys with Excellent Biodegradation Performance

Hofstetter, J., Becker, M., Martinelli, E., Weinberg, A.-M., Mingler, B., Kilian, H., Pogatscher, S., Uggowitzer, P.J. and Loffler, J.F. .

The Journal of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS), 2014; 66(4): p. 566-572

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A lean bioabsorbable magnesium-zinc-calcium alloy ZX00 used for operative treatment of medial malleolus fractures early clinical results of a prospective non-randomized first in man study

Holweg, P., Herber V., Ornig, M., Hohenberger, G., Donohue, N., Puchwein, P., Leithner, A. and Seibert, F.

Bone & Joint Research, 2020, 9(8), pp.477-483.

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