Eurasian Orthopedic Forum Online Club Conference on bioabsorbable implants

Dr. Leonid K. Brizhan, Dr. Alexey M. Fine, Dr. Andrey G. Polkin, Dr. Tarasov Nikolai Ivanovich, Dr. Nikke Partio and Mr. Timo Lehtonen, CEO of Bioretec

In this EOF Online Club Conference recording surgeons talk about the use of Bioretec´s bioabsorbable Activa™ implants. The recording includes translations: Russia - English - Russia. Conference speakers discuss the advantages and disadvantages of bioimplants use: in the treatment of intra-articular fractures in emergency traumatology; hand surgery; foot and ankle surgery; pediatric traumatology.

EOF Speakers: Dr. Leonid K. Brizhan, Head of the Center of traumatology and orthopedics - Chief traumatologist of the Burdenko Main Military Clinical Hospital; Dr. Alexey M. Fine, Head of the Department of musculoskeletal system emergency traumatology of the Sklifosovsky research Institute of emergency medicine of Moscow; Dr. Andrey G. Polkin, Head of the Department of hand surgery of the R. R. Vreden Moscow State Medical Center; Dr. Tarasov Nikolai Ivanovich, Head of the Department of traumatology and orthopedics, Children's city clinical hospital No. 13 named after N. F. Filatov, Moscow; Dr. Nikke Partio, Orthopedic and trauma specialist in Tampere University Hospital, Finland; Mr. Timo Lehtonen, CEO at Bioretec, M.Sc. in Material Sciences, Senior expert in biomaterials and drug delivery research and development.

This LIVE event was recorded on the 6th of May, 2020.

ID: 06.05.2020

Specialist Webinar: Foot and Ankle Trauma

Dr. Nikke Partio, MD.

In this Foot and Ankle Trauma Specialist Webinar recording, Dr. Nikke Partio reveals his techniques with bioabsorbable Activa™ products in foot and ankle fracture treatment. Topics of the webinar include:

  • Ankle fractures, Lateral malleolus fracture fixation, Weber B
  • Medial malleolus fracture
  • Syndesmosis fracture fixation
  • Tillaux fragment fracture in the ankle
  • Calcaneus fracture in the heel
  • Unstable Lisfranc fracture with ORIF
  • Talus fracture in the ankle fixed with two cannulated bioabsorbable screws
  • Navicular fracture
  • Proximal metatarsal fractures.

This LIVE event was recorded on the 27th of May, 2020.

ID: 27.5.2020

Specialist Webinar: Pediatric fracture treatment with bioabsorbable Bioretec implants in National Trauma Center of Hungary

Dr. Marcell Varga MD, PhD.

In n this pediatric fracture treatment Specialist Webinar recording, Dr. Varga presents his techniques and use of bioabsorbable implants at the Péterfy Hospital, Manninger Jen? National Trauma Center, Department of Pediatric Traumatology in Budapest, Hungary.

Topics of the Specialist Webinar include:

  • Elbow fractures, lateral condyle fractures and medial epicondyle fractures
  • Ankle fractures in the Distal tibia with intramedullary stabilization
  • Distal forearm fracture treatment with bioabsorbable ActivaPin™, minimally invasive
  • Distal and displaced crural metaphyseal fracture
  • Metacarpal fractures
  • Forearm and wrist fracture, radial diaphyseal fracture with displaced distal ulnar epiphyseolysis
  • Hand and metacarpal fracture fixation
  • Osteochondral fractures
  • Tibial tubercle ventro-medialization, patella dislocation and knee pain.

This LIVE event was on the 15th of June, 2020.

ID: 15.6.2020

Specialist Webinar: New concepts in the operative treatment of distal pediatric forearm fractures - osteosynthesis with biodegradable implants

Dr. Marcell Varga MD, PhD. and Prof. Annelie Weinberg, MD

In this pediatric distal forearm fracture Specialist Webinar recording, Dr. Marcell Varga, Orthopaedic surgeon in Péterfy Hospital National Trauma Center of Hungary, Vice President of the Hungarian Pediatric Trauma Society, Board Member of the Hungarian Trauma Society, ATLS instructor presents his operational techniques with bioabsorbable implants. Introduction to the topic by Prof. Annelie Weinberg, Head of Musculoskeletal Research Unit for Biomaterials in Graz University Austria, AO Trauma course organisation committee member.

Topics of this Specialist Webinar include:

  • AO principles and distal forearm therapy
  • Forearm fracture treatment principals and current golden standard
  • Cost-efficiency evaluation
  • Intramedullary nailing with short nails
  • Techniques adapted to biodegradable implants
  • Displaced distal forearm fracture treatment mini-invasive synthesis
  • Distal metaphyseal radius fracture treatment with bioabsorbable implants

This LIVE event was on the 20th of August, 2020.

ID: 20.08.2020

Specialist Webinar: Use of bioresorbable implants in pediatric traumatology

Prof. Pierre Lascombes

In this pediatric traumatology Specialist Webinar recording, Prof. Lascombes presents his operational techniques with bioabsorbables for fractures caused by gymnastics fall, falling from a tree, wakeboard accident, trampoline injuries and more. Focus is in the upper and lower extremity trauma.

Cases presented and techniques explained include:

  • Medial epicondyle fracture in the humerus, elbow
  • Olecranon fracture with Monteggia lesion in the elbow
  • Distal tibia with Tillaux fracture in the ankle
  • Medial malleolus fracture treatment in the ankle
  • Bimalleolar McFarland fracture and ankle dislocation
  • Articular fracture in the proximal 1st metatarsal bone in the forefoot
  • Lateral Condyle fracture in the elbow
  • Including thoughts on indications such as DDH, LPC, Distal radius fractures, why to use bioabsorbables, strengths of the implants and more

This LIVE event was recorded on the 22nd of September, 2020.

ID: 22.09.2020

Specialist Webinar:¿Por qué usar implantes reabsorbibles? Indicaciones. Detalles técnicos.

Dr. Luis Moraleda Novo, MD, PhD.

La presentación del Webinar será en español.

El Dr. Luis Moraleda Novo MD, PhD. trabaja en el Hospital Universitario La Paz en Madrid y el Hospital Universitario Sanitas Moraleja & Zarzuela en Madrid, España, y es el codirector del Programa de Residencia en Cirugía Ortopédica de La Paz. También es profesor asociado de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. En el Webinar, el Dr. Moraleda enseña sus técnicas favoritas con los implantes reabsorbibles y da consejos y trucos para su uso. Puede participar en el evento en directo y hacerle preguntas al Dr. Moraleda durante la presentación en la sección de Preguntas y Respuestas.

Este evento EN VIVO fue grabado el 16 de septiembre de 2020.

ID: 16.09.2020