Press release: Experienced Medical Device Industry Leader Joining Bioretec’s Leadership Team

Mar 22, 2019

PRESS RELEASE                                                              

Experienced Medical Device Industry Leader Joining Bioretec’s Leadership Team



Tampere, Finland, 22nd of March 2019. Bioretec Ltd., a Finnish material technology company focused on the development, manufacturing and sales of bioresorbable, and bioactive surgical implants for orthopedic, pediatric and sports medicine surgeries, has appointed Tomi Numminen, long-term CEO and member of the Board of Directors of the company, as Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors. In this new broadened role Mr. Numminen will continue to work full-time for the company and he will be responsible for planning and executing all strategic, corporate development and funding activities. Following this aforementioned nomination, Mr. Timo Lehtonen has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the company. In his role Mr. Lehtonen will be responsible for all operations and development activities of the company.     


Mr. Lehtonen has more than two decades experience of international lifescience business including innovation, research&development, operations and building value into growth companies. Prior to Bioretec, he served as CTO of Arctic Biomaterials Ltd in Finland, an innovative bioresorbable material platform development company focusing on fiber-reinforced bioresorbable materials. His previous positions include among others: Technology Development Director at Vivoxid Ltd., an innovative Finnish start-up focusing on bioresorbable technology platforms, Senior Scientist at Purac Biomaterials in the Netherlands, one of the world leading manufacturers of bioresorbable materials for medical industry and Director of Device Development in Akela Pharma Inc.


“Timo's extensive international experience within the medical device sector, his endless drive towards execution and innovation are perfectly matched to enable Bioretec to achieve the future goals set for the company, I am confident that Timo’s proven ability to drive innovation, growth and execute strategy will deliver results. Bioretec is a substantial company in an interesting stage. We have our existing product portfolio, which we are continuously broadening and improving and in addition to our existing technology platform we will be soon introducing new innovative technologies supplementing our existing product portfolio”, says Tomi Numminen, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors.


“Bioretec is one of the leading pioneers in the field of bioresorbable orthopedic implants. The company has developed, in collaboration with leading clinical surgeons, a wide portfolio of products with excellent clinical results and material properties suitable for selected indications. We will continue our corporate development to increase our international sales through close collaboration with our clinical expert network and distribution partners by launching innovative products into the markets utilizing state-of-the-art technology platforms. I am proud and honored to join the experienced and motivated team at Bioretec and I very much look forward to achieve ambitious targets set for company together with our team“, says Timo Lehtonen.




For further information, please contact:


Tomi Numminen, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors,

Tel: +358 40 581 2132


Timo Lehtonen, Chief Executive Officer

Tel: +358 50 433 8493