Benefits that are for everyone

  • No need for implant removal operation.

  • Decrease physical and psychological sufferings.

  • Possible reduced occurence of infection.

  • One operation only.

  • All inside techniques without metal K-wires through the skin.

  • Total bioabsorption of the implant in approx. 2 years (other bioabsorbable products more than 2 years and metal products may need removal operation).

  • Allow trouble free MR or x-ray imaging – a medical and security aspect. Metal implants may cause disturbance to MR or x-ray resulting false conclusions.

  • Gradually restores the original load carrying capacity of the bone.

  • Safe medical use - The products have been used since 2007.

  • Strength of regenerated bone.

  • Bioabsorbable, reduces the risk of long term

  • Excellent for pediatric use.

  • Enables new possibilities for children’s fracture
    fixation and orthopedic disorder treatment.