ActivaPin™ - Bioabsorbable pin

Advanced bioabsorbable implant for upper and lower limb fractures with patented Self-Locking SL™ technology and grooved surface design. ActivaPin™ ensures stable bone healing with no need for implant removal operations.

Patient benefits

This small implant is meant to be used in upper or lower limbs to ensure successful bone regeneration. There is no need for removal operation with ActivaPin™, so the patient stress and suffering is reduced. Typical uses for ActivaPin™ are where the bone needs some help to regenerate properly. Simply put, it is a small pin holding pieces of bone together while they naturally regenerate. It sustains steady bone regeneration in situations where the bone has fractured in a way that it must be supported.

While slowly biodegrades, the bioabsorbable implant slowly transfers stress to the healing bone, assisting in the healing process. Due to the implant absorption, the risks of implant-related long-term complications are eliminated. ActivaPin™ material is replaced by bone in approximately two years*.

Professional benefits

ActivaPin™ comes with patented Self-Locking SL™ technology and grooved surface design, thus ensuring excellent fixation. These properties provide rotational stability and ensure that the product stays in place after implementation. Customize the angle by slightly bending the ActivaPin™ in order to achieve the desired anatomical orientation. The manufacturing method of this bioabsorbable product also provides support: the diameter will increase 1-2 % compared to the initial dimensions, thus locks tightly to the bone.

The use of this product is made simple with Bioretec’s reusable or single-use pin applicator, which eliminates the risk of dropping the pin during insertion. The insertion can be done with reusable arthroscopic or regular applicator, or a single-use pin applicator. The packaging of ActivaPin™ is carried out in a way that ensures easy and aseptic use during surgical procedures.

Product properties

Material: ActivaPin™ is made of PLGA, which safely biodegrades in the body in approximately two years. The material has a long history in medical use and is proven to be safe in various scientific health care studies and practical use.
Certificates: ActivaPin™ and ActivaNail™ are FDA cleared and CE approved. 
Product measures: ActivaPin™ is available in diameters 1.5, 2.0, 2.7 and 3.2 mm and lengths 20 – 70 mm.
* Hedelin, H. et al. MRI evaluation of resorbable poly lactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA) screws used in pelvic osteotomies in children — a retrospective case series. J Orthop Surg Res 15, 329 (2020).



ActivaPin™ product sheet


Instruments and insertion techniques

Instrument guide for ActivaPin™

Surgical Technique for ActivaPin™

Arthroscopic Technique for ActivaPin™ and ActivaNail™


Indication examples

Hammertoe correction with ActivaPin™ Hallux Valgus Correction with ActivaPin™

Distal radius fracture fixation with ActivaPin™  OCD lesion fixation with ActivaPin™  Metacarpal fracture fixation with ActivaPin™

Patella fracture fixation  Malleolar fracture fixation


ActivaPin™ Insertion video


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