ActivaScrew™ - Bioabsorbable screw

ActivaScrew™ is an absorbable surgical implant used in fracture treatment, osteotomy, arthrodesis and bone graft surgery.

Patient benefits

ActivaScrew’s™ patented Auto-Compression™ technology reduces the risk of unstable fixation. This technology tightens the fracture line and it provides additional support to proper ossification. ActivaScrew™ degrades slowly in the span of approximately two years slowly transferring the stress back to the bone and in doing so accelerating rehabilitation. ActivaScrew™ is fully absorbed in the human body conditions, so there is no need for implant removal operation. This also accelerates the healing process. ActivaScrew™ material is replaced by bone in approximately two years*.

Professional benefits

ActivaScrew’s™ benefit lies in the patented Auto-Compression™ technology, which maintains compression during the bone healing. The diameter of the screw will increase, and the length will decrease 1-2% in the human body conditions, locking itself in place and maintaining needed compression for appropriate bone healing. The functionality of the ActivaScrew™ begins during surgery, actively maintaining fixation during and after implantation, which is conducive to proper ossification. ActivaScrew™ is made of PLGA, which biodegrades in the body in approximately two years. ActivaScrew™ offers more freedom for the medical professional in the surgery room. Like all Activa series implants, ActivaScrew™ can be cut for example with hot wire or scissors if needed.

ActivaScrew™ is compatible with AO standard instrumentation.

Product properties

Material: ActivaScrew™ is made of PLGA, which safely biodegrades in the body in approximately two years. The material has long history in medical use and is proven to be safe in various scientific health care studies and practical use.
Certificates: ActivaScrew™ is FDA cleared and CE approved. 
Product measures: ActivaScrew™ is available fully threaded in diameters 2.0, 2.7, 3.5 and 4.5 mm and lengths 20 – 90 mm .
* Hedelin, H. et al. MRI evaluation of resorbable poly lactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA) screws used in pelvic osteotomies in children — a retrospective case series. J Orthop Surg Res 15, 329 (2020).


Product sheets

ActivaScrew™ Product Sheet for US market

ActivaScrew™ Product Sheet for INTERNATIONAL market


Instruments and techniques

Instrument guide for ActivaScrew™

Surgical Technique for ActivaScrew™



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