ActivaScrew™ Interference - Bioabsorbable interference screw

ActivaScrew™ Interference is a tool for multiple uses regarding bone fractures, osteotomies, arthrodeses and and bone grafts. The strength of the screw facilitates stable fixation and ossification. The screw utilizes the patented Self-Locking SL™ technology granting stability: the diameter of the screw will slightly increase thus reducing the risk of an unstable fixation. 

Patient benefits

ActivaScrew™ Interference offers various benefits for patients. It can be used to attend interference fixation in numerous body parts, such as knee, feet, elbow, shoulder and hand. With Bioretec’s bioabsorbable products there is only need for one operation which reduces the risk of complications and eases the patient discomfort. Bioabsorbable implants also accerelare rehabilitation and halt stress shielding. 

Professional benefits

ActivaScrew™ Interference is a flexible multitool for medical professionals. Its patented Self-Locking SL™ technology provides implant diameter expansion of 1-2 % in human conditions. With grafts, this gives extra security for the surgeon as screw pushes graft tighter to the drill canal during the postoperative period for at least 8 weeks. It can be inserted along the guide wire (with diameter of 0,8mm or 1,6mm). If neccessary, the screw can be drilled through. The screw is made of PLGA, so it does not cause any disturbance in MR scanning and will degrade naturally in approximately two years’ time.

High usability for various indications

Wide selection of different sizes, smalles diameter of 4mm up to 11mm.

Easy insertion along the guide wire (K-wire)

Isoelasticity; the bending modulus is closer to the value of cortical bone compared to metallic implants

High Strength properties offer easy insertion and safe medical use

No need for removal operation

MR safe

Product properties

Material: ActivaScrew™ Interference is made of PLGA, which safely biodegrades in the body in approximately two years. The material has long history in medical use and is proven to be safe in various scientific health care studies and practical use.
Certificates: ActivaScrew™ Interference is FDA cleared and CE approved. 
Product dimensions: ActivaScrew™ Interference is available in diameters 4-11 mm (in U.S. 4-10 mm) and lengths 10-33 mm



Product Sheets

ActivaScrew™ Interference for US market

ActivaScrew™ Interference for INTERNATIONAL market

Indication example

ACL reconstruction


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