ActivaPin™ and ActivaNail™

Product Overview

Bioabsorbable ActivaPin Bioretec

Bioretec’s ActivaPin™ is ideal for fixation of fractures and osteotomies in upper and lower extremities.
ActivaNail™ offers additional support with its small head.

Benefits of using ActivaPin™ and ActivaNail™

Self-Locking SL™ technology and grooved surface design enable pins and nails to stay in place with improved rotational stability. Just choose a suitable pin or nail and tap it quickly into place with Bioretec pin applicator.

The usage of ActivaPin™ gives surgeon more freedom during the surgery.
After insertion scissors, reciprocating saw or a hot wire can be used
to cut the ActivaPin™ if needed.


 ActivaPin cross section.jpg   


 Image: ActivaPin™ cross section
     Image: Material memory effect.
Dimensional changes in human body conditions: diameter will increase and length will decrease 1-2% compared to the initial dimensions. * 


Image: ActivaPin™ Applicator - Unique tip keeps
pin place without risk of dropping pin during the insertion.
  Image: Packaging, instrument and implant design enables aseptic and easy use in surgical procedure. 


Indication examples

Urheilija ilman pallukoita (ID 86671).jpgForefoot

  • Ankle fractures.
  • Talar fracture.
  • Calcaneal fractures.
  • Hallux valgus surgery.
  • Femoral head fractures.
  • Femoral condylar intra-articular fractures.
  • Patellar fractures.
  • OCD.

Upper extremities

  • Distal clavicular fracture.
  • Glenoid rim fractures.
  • Proximal humeral neck fractures.
  • Epiphyseolytic fractures in upper limb in children.
  • Intra-articular fractures of humeral capitellum through the articular surface.
  • Lateral humeral condyle fractures.
  • Medial humeral condyle or epicondyle fractures.
  • Olecranon fractures.
  • Radial head fractures.
  • Distal radial fractures.
  • Hand fractures.

Benefits of using ActivaPin™ or ActivaNail™ in fixation of radial head fractures:

  • Great benefit of direct transarticular fixation of radial neck or head.
  • No protruding implants at the joint surfaces.
  • Far less invasive than plate fixation.
  • No K-wires through the skin.
  • Can be inserted fully arthroscopically.

Material properties

ActivaPin™ gives an excellent fixation enabling bone to maintain its own strength.

ActivaPin™ is made of PLGA** and biodegrades in the body safely and in a controlled manner within approximately two years.

Self-Locking™ technology - the diameter of the implant expand. *

** PLGA - poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid), optimal combination with a long history of safe medical use and the degradation by hydrolysis into alpha-hydroxy acids that are metabolized by the body. 

ActivaPin™ and ActivaNail™ are FDA cleared and CE approved.

Ideal for hammertoe fixation

The following video demonstrates the usage of ActivaPin™ in hammertoe fixation.

Product range

ActivaPin™ is available in diameters 1.5, 2.0, 2.7 and 3.2 mm and lengths 20 – 70 mm.

ActivaNail™ is available in diameter 1.5 and lengths 10-30 mm and diameter 2.0 and lengths 15-30 mm.


Bioretec ActivaPin and ActivaNail




Product sheets: ActivaPin™, ActivaNail™, 
Chevron Technique by using ActivaPin™
Hammertoe Technique by using ActivaPin™