Securing the graft with added pressure

ActivaScrew™ Interferences secure the graft fixation to another level without cracking or breakage typical to poorly made interference screws. With tailored material, unique manufacturing with patented Self-Locking SL™ technology, which makes the implant´s diameter increase 1-2 % in human body conditions, the surgeon can be sure that the craft is securely in its place.

ACL reconstruction with ActivaScrew™ Interferences

The fixation with ActivaScrew™ Interference or with ActivaScrew™ Interference TCP secures the graft firmly to its place. The strong natural pull-out strength of ActivaScrew™ Interferences with the patented Self-Locking SL™, will push the graft tightly and increase the pressure just a bit more when the rehabilitation process continues. The Self-Locking SL™ increases the implant diameter 1-2 % in human body condition.

The manufacturing method we use makes the implant extremely strong, thus it can be inserted without implant cracking to pieces as commonly happens in the industry. The round graft design helps to preserve the graft during the insertion. We use only materials which have excellent biocompatibility, thus the combination is very safe in addition to its strength.

ActivaScrew™ Interference     ActivaScrew™ Interference TCP

Product Animation - ActivaScrew™ Interference TCP

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Why this technique?

Extra security to the graft fixation with the natural implant strength and the extra diameter expansion,  Self-Locking SL™.

Stronger implant also as bioabsorbable biocomposite with the special sealing manufacturing technique.

Safety to the insertion as screw design conserves the graft.

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