Metacarpal fracture fixation with ActivaPin™

Faster mobilisation with one operation

Traditional fixation is widely used in metacarpal bone fractures. However in case of metal coming outside the skin, problems such as pin infection, damage to adjacent soft tissue, need for removal and unattractive dorsal scarring. On top of that, it is difficult to start early active motion exercise.

Fixing the fracture with ActivaPin™ it is possible to prevent the soft tissue damage, dorsal scarring and removal is avoideda and early active exercises are possible.

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Latarjet procedure with ActivaScrews™

Treating the anterior instability

Latarjet procedure for anterior instability with ActivaScrews™ offer great results without the potential complications metal implants.


Image from Monastryev et al. 2018

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Diaphyseal forearm fracture with Activa IM-Nail™

World´s first bioabsorbable intramedullary nail

Radius and ulna fractures are unfortunate, but typical with active children. Intramedullary nailing is a regular treatment for these injuries and also unstable diaphyseal fractures can be treated with similar technique.

Now the fixation of diaphyseal forearm fracture is possible without removal operations, with a world´s first bioabsorbable implant,

Activa IM-Nail™

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