Clinically proven products

Bioabsorbable implants are expected gradually and partially to replace traditionally used metallic implants in many orthopedic indications. Used raw materials (PLGA) are well known and generally used in orthopaedic applications. They have a history of safe medical use. These polymers degrade in vivo by hydrolysis into alpha-hydroxy acids that are metabolized by the body.

From sintered fibrous pins to mechanically active materials

Research and development

  • Bioretec has strong Research & Development knowhow in the field of orthopedics and trauma as well as sports medicine surgery.

  • The company tracks the performance of current products and continuously aims at improving the product quality and patient safety.

  • Continuous product improvement process requires also close dialogue with the industry and distribution network.

  • In addition to own R&D Bioretec also offers R&D-services to its clients.

  • Bioretec’s R&D-process meets the criteria set by the regulatory authorities (FDA, CE) and it is audited once a year.

Material advantage

  • Reliability due to high strength, controlled mechanical activity and shape memory.
  • Unique, self-developed production equipment, delicate controlled production processes and technologies.
  • Safety due to exceptionally low rate of implant reactions.
  • Unique drug release implants.