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Hallux valgus and hallux rigidus are common foot conditions and can cause significant pain and deformity. These conditions frequently require surgery.

In this Specialist Webinar, "Hallux valgus and hallux rigidus treatment with bioabsorbable implants",  Dr. Nikke Partio, MD, shows the easy steps on how to use bioabsorbable implants in the treatment of these conditions.

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The webinar contains:

- Presentation (30 minutes): Hallux valgus and hallux rigidus treatment with bioabsorbable implants, Nikke Partio, MD.

Topics include: Modified Chevron, MTP-1 arthrodesis, TMT-1 arthrodesis, MTP-1 interpositional arthroplasty, Metatarsal osteotomy, harware removal discussion, non-union cases with traditional titanium or stainless steele implants, diameter discussion and recommendations, surgical techniques with ActivaPin™ and ActivaScrew™ Cannulated, patient follow-ups, technique tips, discussion about Akin, Scraf and Weil osteotomies and Lapidus surgery.

- Questions and Answers session (10 minutes)


Nikke Partio, MD, is an Orthopaedic surgeon at the Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Tampere University Hospital, Finland. He has comprehensive experience of the use of bioabsorbable implants in foot and ankle surgery. He has done research and publications on bioabsorbable materials.

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