Only one ActivaPin™ is enough

Hallux valgus is a foot deformity, where the first metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint is affected. The condition is painful and can cause significant disability.

Hallux valgus correction with only one ActivaPin™ leaves the patient without shoe rubbing metal plating and unnecessary removal operations. The grooved design of ActivaPin™ surface with expanding diameter, 1-2 %, offers a new type of stabilization to the osteotomies.

Hallux valgus correction with ActivaPin™

Grooved surface of these implant adds rotational stability, which is beneficial when osteotomies are fixed with a single fixation device. The strength and biomechanical performance of these products widens the applicability into more demanding indications than typically found suitable for bioabsorbable pins. Comparing to metallic fixation devices the benefits of these products to the patient are clear. The ability to modify the implant during the surgery yields more anatomical end result.


Operation video - Hallux Valgus correction with ActivaPin™

Technique animation



Chevron technique Leaflet

White papers

Hallux Valgus Correction Using ActivaPin™ and ActivaNail™

Conclusions study for absorbable ActivaPin™

Why this technique?

Patient-friendly - avoid plate or implant irritating the skin. Implant is replaced by bone without any residuals.

Cost-efficiency - only one ActivaPin™ implant needed. The strength and biomechanical performance of the implant excel in this indication.

Stability even with one pin - The grooved surface of the implant add rotational stability. Beneficial when osteotomies are fixed with a single fixation device.



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