Fully anatomical angle

Hammertoe is a condition, where a simple surgery helps. Hammertoe with ActivaPin™ brings anatomical result every time, as you can bend ActivaPin™ up to 90 degrees and restore patient´s original anatomy.

In addition, in the human body the ActivaPin™ expands 1-2 % in diameter, thus locks strongly into the bone.

Hammertoe correction with ActivaPin™

Easy and time saving placement using Bioretec’s reusable or single-use instruments. Take advangate of the improved rotational stability due to grooved surface design and Self-Locking SL™ technology, which makes the implant diameter increase 1-2 % in human body conditions to grip firmly to the bone.

Achieve the anatomic positioning of the middle phalanx during the implantation due to the bendability in room temperature. You can limit your stock and easily cut the implant to the correct length. Without transdermal hardware or secondary removal procedure, the patient recovers fast and implant dissolves to return the strength of the bone in a natural way.


ActivaPin™ Hammertoe Technique Leaflet

Operation video - Hammertoe correction with ActivaPin™

Technique Animation - Hammertoe correction with ActivaPin™

Why this technique?

Patient gets fully anatomic positioning and individual implant angle. Surgeon can customise the angle of the implant from 0 to 90 degrees.

Implant completely inside bone - avoids skin rubbing or irritations. ActivaPin™ diameter expands in the human body by 1-2 % for extra stability.

The implant fully bioabsorbs in the human body and is replaced by bone.

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