Arthroscopic fix with expanding implant

Osteochondritis dissecans is a painful condition which develops typically in child and adolescent joint, especially in the knee joint. Due to a lack of blood supply, a part of the bone and covering cartilage begins to loosen.

The lesion can be fixed to its place arthroscopically with the expanding ActivaPin™ or ActivaNail™, recovery with tissue growth over the implant.

Osteochondritis dissecans lesion fixation with ActivaPin™ or ActivaNail™

Operation with ActivaPin™ or ActivaNail™ is easy to make arthroscopically and insertion is smooth as pins slide in steadily with good friction. Implants grooved surface enables stable fixation even with small fragments. The implants expanding diameter of 1-2 % in human body conditions, supports the excellent locking of the lesion to the bone. Arthroscopic instrument´s ability to sink the implant’s proximal head slightly under the cartilage level secures fixation and allows tissue growth over the implant closing the channel to the joint. Excellent choise for OCD lesions.

ActivaPin™     ActivaNail™

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Why this technique?

Patient can heal and continue the skeletal development without removal operation. ActivaPin™ or ActivaNail™ are fully bioabsorbable.

Implant´s proximal head sinks slightly under the cartilage level allowing tissue growth over the implant.

Implant range allowes the fragment fixation for small to big fragments.

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