Treating the anterior instability

Latarjet procedure for anterior instability with ActivaScrews™ offer great results without the potential complications metal implants.


Image from Monastryev et al. 2018

Latarjet procedure with bioabsorbable ActivaScrews™

ActivaScrew™ has been proven to achieve great results in the Latarjet procedure. The special strength of the implant and added compression during the healing, Auto-Compression™, the patient can rehabilitate fast and without removal operations. The pain from the traditional implant is one of the main causes for the removal operation. This pain is avoided with ActivaScrews™.

ActivaScrew™ Cannulated     ActivaScrew™


Latarjet-Bristow Procedure Performed With Bioabsorbable Screws - Computed Tomography Evidence of Healing

Our First Experience of Using Biodegradable Implants in Latarjet – Bristow Surgical Procedure at Chronic Posttraumatic Anterior Shoulder Instability

White Papers

Biodegradable Implants in Treatment Of Chronic Posttraumatic Anterior Shoulder Instability With Bone Defect of Scapula Articular Process

Webinars related to the indication

Eurasian Orthopedic Forum Online Club Conference on bioabsorbable implants

Why this technique?

Strong and reliable implant with comression benefits. Excellent for this indication.

Avoid complications and artefacts in the imaging.

Fully bioabsorbable implant, bone will not suffer from weakening through stress shielding.


Image from Monastryev et al. 2018

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