Great stability, simple application

Ankle fractures are one of the most common fractures in orthopaedics. The fixation can be done with bioabsorbable ActivaScrew™ or ActivaScrew™s Cannulated.

For small fragments, there is minimally invasive ActivaPin™ and ActivaNail™.

Malleolar fracture fixation with Activa products

ActivaScrew™ Cannulated LAG, partially threaded screw, offers similar compression forces than conventional screws. The fixation strength and compression are supported by the patented Auto-Compression™ feature, which increases the compression when the tissue relaxation. The bioabsorption enables the bone to regain its original strength back without stress shielding.

Smaller fractures and hard-to-reach fragments can be fixed with ActivaPin™. The grooved design and the expanding diameter, in human body conditions, offer extra stability to the fixation. For bigger patients, the arthroscopic applicator gives more freedom to angle selection. On the other hand, the disposable pin applicator provides a cost-efficient solution to the insertion and reduces maintenance costs.

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Why this technique?

The patient avoids skin irritations and long-term complications as the Activa implant is fully bioabsorbable and the product is replaced by bone.

Fragment attaches to the bone properly without stress shielding, due to ActivaScrew™ and ActivaScrew™ Cannulated extra compression properties and the tailored absorption.

Many bioabsorbable alternatives to fix malleolar fractures: ActivaScrew™, ActivaScrew™ Cannulated, ActivaPin™ or ActivaNail™

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