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What patients think about our products

7-years old boy

- "I had a left hand´s forearm fracture treated with bioabsorbable intramedullary nail, Activa IM-Nail™. In the video clip I demonstrate my strengths 8 weeks after the operation."...Read moreClose

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10-years old boy

- I had a fracture in my right wrist (distal radius and ulna), that needed to be operated. My surgeon fixed this with one ActivaPin™. Watch how I box only 5 weeks after the operation....Read moreClose

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Jonna, Technology Expert from Finland

- "My passion is fitness and a healthy lifestyle, so I workout almost daily. In the early 2010s, my feet, especially the medial forefoot, became painful. The pain was constant and led to partial immobility in 2019. I consulted an or...thopaedic surgeon and he found severe osteoarthritis from both of my first metatarsophalangeal joints. I needed to have an operation to both feet. We decided to start from the right foot. When I heard that the surgeon would use bioresorbable products, I was quite excited. Once I read that the material the implant manufacturer Bioretec uses, doesn´t have any material related complications, I had the confidence that everything will go well. The operation was a first metatarsophalangeal joint arthrodesis with two Bioretec bioresorbable screws. After the operation, I was advised to be careful with activities for around 8 weeks and progress with activity step by step according to my feeling. I also wore a special shoe for 6 weeks. As a sporty person, I couldn´t sit still for long. I cut the corner a bit and I was at the gym already after 4 weeks, while being careful with the foot and wearing the special shoe, of course! I haven´t had any problems or pain in the foot during the recovery. I cannot wait to have the same operation to the left foot too and fully return to the painless life!"Read moreClose

Marjut, Method Technician from Finland

- "My name is Marjut and I have gone on trekking trips for many years already. While on a trekking trip with my husband in 2008, my right foot slipped and was badly splayed outwards as the path below me caved in. In hospital, a dua...l compound fracture was diagnosed. The physician’s diagnosis was that both sides of my ankle would need surgery. The inner side of my ankle was corrected utilizing Bioretec 4.5 bioabsorbable screws, whereas the area which had undergone surgery on the outside of the ankle was reinforced with a metal plate. A metal plate was affixed to the ankle with 7 small metal screws. I was in hospital for a total of 4 days, and both surgery points on my ankle healed well. A second surgery was performed in 2009 to remove the metal screws and plate due to them causing me pain and irritation. My physician told me that the bioabsorbable screws had resorbed without problem in my body, and that the fracture which they had supported had healed well. I have been very pleased with the end results of my surgery. My ankle has healed well, all told, and I have been able to return to my trekking hobby."Read moreClose

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