Less operations - better healing

Bioretec’s products provide a great number of benefits to patients regardless of the injury or the operation. The obvious advantage of bioabsorbable implants is that there is no need for additional surgery for implant removal. This decreases the stress and suffering of the patient and accelerates rehabilitation.

Opportunities for child patients

Bioretec's products offer excellent opportunities especially for child patients. It enables new possibilities for children’s fracture fixation and orthopaedic disorder treatment.

In most cases, metallic implants must be removed from the children’s bodies to prevent harm to natural bone growth.
However, bioabsorbable implants dissolve by themselves, thus removing the need for additional operations and supporting both healing and natural growth of the bone.

Supporting the natural way

Traditional metal implants usually remove the stress from the bone until the implants are removed. This leads to effect called stress shielding, which means that the bone gets weaker in structure because it is not subject to normal stress. With bioabsorbable implants however, the stress is returning back to the bone step by step during the dissolving of the implant. This accelerates the rehabilitation, since the stress is slowly transferred back to the bone and in doing so strengthens the bone. In this sense, Bioretec's bioabsorbable implant support the natural way of bone healing.