Efficient healthcare

The best advantage of bioabsorbable implants is the decreased amount of surgeries needed. In other words, the medical professionals have to use less resources per patient when using Bioretec's products. This leads to more efficient healthcare regarding time and financial aspect.

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Developing practical solutions that are easy to use

Our bioabsorbable products are made easy to use. We’ve manufactured not only the implants themselves, but also tailored specific tools to ensure straight forward use of implants. Bioabsorbable implants are constantly under development, and with our patents in Activa™ and RemoOs™ series, we are one of the world’s most up to date partners regarding bioactive healthcare solutions.

Facilitating rehabilitiation

When using metal implants, the physical stress is in some cases fully removed from the bone, which may lead to stress shielding. With Bioretec’s implants the workload is steadily transferred back to the healing bone and tissue, thus allowing it to regain its strength while still healing. This leads to acceleration in rehabilitation, which is one of the major advantages of our products.


Activa™ series

These products are made from poly L-lactide-co-glycolide copolymer (PLGA). The monomers of PLGA are L-lactic acid and glycolic acid, also part of the normal chemistry of mammalian cells, and are metabolized into carbon dioxide and water by human cells, which are then exhaled and excreted.

Activa™ series material

RemeOs™ series - Coming soon!

Patented RemeOs™ implants resorb through oxidation to Magnesium-, Calcium- and Zinc-minerals, which are all essential elements of new bone formation in human body. The patented resorbable metal alloy used in RemeOs™ implants does not contain any rare-earth elements (REE) or rare-earth metals (REM), such as Gadolinium (Gd), Yttrium (Y) or Neodymium (Nd) and others.

RemeOs™ series material